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Our Story

Our Story

Hello, I'm Michael and we are the exclusive distributor and agent for Compo Closet in Australia and New Zealand

We have been travelling Australia since the 90s, starting with an old Land Cruiser and a tent for a 6 month trip. No toilet for us back then, not much of anything really. What a great trip we had! Since then we have produced a few kids and run a few different business in the corporate world.

How did we end up here selling composting toilets?

We were looking for a toilet option for our new Vista RV Crossover and could not seem to find one that met our needs. We wanted something that was small enough to fit in a tight space, was easy to use, that did not require any plumbing; and most importantly of all, did not involve a trip to a dump point. 

We came across the Cuddy™, and just like that, all our needs were met. So rather than just buy 1, we thought we could help bring the Cuddy™ to Australia. So a few emails and Zoom calls with Richard and Erica and here we are!

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