Compo Closet Australia

Hello, I'm Michael and we are the exclusive distributor and agent for Compo Closet in Australia and New Zealand

How did we end up here?

We were looking for a toilet option for our hybrid van and could not seem to find one that met our needs. We wanted something that was small enough to fit in a tight space, was easy to use, that did not require any plumbing; and most importantly of all, did not involve a trip to a dump point. 

We then came across the Cuddy™, and just like that, all our needs were met. So rather than just buy 1, we thought we could help bring the Cuddy™ to Australia. So a few emails and Zoom calls with Richard and Erica and here we are!

We have been working closely with Richard and Erica, the "big cheeses" at Compo Closet Global ( I just made that "Global" thing up to make them look impressive) to get as many Cuddys here as soon as we can. 

About Richard

After working a corporate job for 15 years, he decided it was time for a change. So, despite having recently finished renovating their house (really - they had just finished it!), Richard and his partner, Angela, decided to quit their jobs and drop everything to go traveling. 

They rented out their newly renovated house and moved into a caravan on Richard's parent's driveway. #LifeGoals.

Meanwhile, they self-converted their van (Morrison) for a year on the road.

So why composting toilets?

Richard had never heard of composting toilets before he put one in his van. He quickly saw the practical benefits over a chemical toilet. 

Chemical toilets need to be emptied every few days and they literally flush precious drinking water down the toilet. They frequently use chemicals that are bad for the environment, and the wastewater needs then to be “treated” continuing the unnecessary use of energy. 

Despite seeing the advantages of composting toilets he couldn't help notice the problems with current designs.

  • The poop compartment door was too small.

  • Aiming for the pee section was also a creative task…..

  • And honestly, they looked like the love child of R2D2 and a vacuum cleaner.

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These niggles became a minor obsession. Richard would sketch toilets and research other amazing composting endeavours around the world. He would talk to anyone they met about them (well, everybody poops!) and how great they are but how he couldn't help but see improvements.

Then the pandemic ratcheted up a gear...

Before borders closed for a second time, Richard and Angela made a break across Europe. They headed to the south of Spain to enjoy the warmer weather over winter. As they couldn’t really travel, they rented a small apartment and Richard threw his efforts into realising his vision of the best composting toilets in the world!

Enter Erica - Angela's twin sister (no, this will not get weird!)

Before the second lockdown Richard and Angela visited Erica and her husband in Vienna, Erica wasn't spared Richard's ramblings on how amazing composting toilets were. 

Erica and Gogo had a T5 VW van that doubled as a work van for hauling lighting and rigging in the week and camper van at weekend. Suffice to say that Erica knew about the difficulties of having a stinky potty in a small space. 

In a moment of schnaps-induced weakness, Erica agreed to come on board and sort out Richard's half-baked marketing. Finally, there was someone qualified for their role on the team! Yass! (Erica has a Masters in Marketing)