Introducing Cuddy™!

The best portable composting toilet is coming to Australia in mid 2022!

No more walks of shame to the dump point, no more chemicals and no more smells.

No need to remove the whole unit to empty, he has an easily removable solids bin WITH an agitator.

No external venting required means no holes in your van, caravan or boat.

We will have a limited amount of stock arriving in August 2022. You can secure yours now with a 50% deposit.

Pre-Order Now!
  • Compact

    Cuddy is the same size as the leading chemical toilet and small enough to fit into tight spaces.

    His dimensions are:  414mm (H) x 384mm (W) x 427mm (D).

  • Easier to use

    Cuddy comes fully loaded including:

    * Separate solids bin for speedy emptying

    * Carbon filter to reduce odours

    * Internal fan

    * High capacity 6.5 L urine bottle

    * Water-resistant

    * "Pee Full" indicator light

    * Locking urine bottles to prevent spills

  • Affordable

    Despite being feature-packed, Cuddy is competitively priced. 


    Cuddy is less expensive than other portable composting toilets on the market. Yes, he is more expensive than portable chemical toilets, but that is kind of like comparing an empty plastic milk container with an Iphone.

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Find out more about Cuddy and Composting Toilets (This was the Crowdfunding video, that is over now. Cuddy has also been updated, but it is still a great video!)

  • Before

    Before Cuddy™, if you wanted a portable toilet you had to choose between:

    * Chemical toilets that waste water and use nasty chemicals

    * Minimal bag in a bucket options

    * Larger and more expensive composting options that required venting (cutting a hole in your van, caravan or boat).

  • With a Cuddy™

    No more:

    * Wasted water

    * Nasty chemicals (and their plastic bottles) 

    * Smelly trips to the dump station

    * Unfortunate leaks

    Oh, and no more cutting a hole in your pride and joy!

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