· Compact
· Easier to Use
· Affordable



Cuddy™ fits where you need it too, saving you valuable space and giving you more options.

  • SIZE


    Space is a premium in any mobile home.

    Cuddy™ saves you heaps of space while still giving you the full functionality of larger models.

    It fits perfectly under a bench, in an en-suite, or wherever you need it to.



    The first portable composting toilet designed specifically for travel life.

    Cuddy's unique design means you don't have to compromise on space, style, or functionality. Fully loaded it has more features than larger models. 



    We made Cuddy™ super strong and packed full of features that other composting toilets only dream about. We made it to fit your lifestyle and your budget. 

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  • Better for the Environment!

    No chemicals

    No plastic bottles for the chemicals

    No unnecessary water flushed away

  • Better for you!

    Easier and quicker to empty

    No more trips to the dump station

    Fewer trips to refill water

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You can secure your Cuddy™ with a 50% deposit. Our first shipment due in September has sold out, pre-order now so you don't miss out on the November shipment. We will request your final 50% payment when he arrives. We will happily refund your deposit if you change your mind for any reason before he ships. There is s a flat $49.95 shipping fee.


CUDDY™ Composting Toilet is the most compact portable composting toilet on the market with all the features of larger models but without the bulky size and hefty price tag. Cuddy™ was designed specifically for travel life. It was made for you and your space.  IDEAL FOR: Weekend Warriors, Off-Gird Pros, Full-Time Vanlife, Campers, Outback Adventurers and ANYONE who wants to Get Out and Explore! CUDDY™ LETS YOU: Go further, stay longer, save precious water, and do more of what you love by saving you time and money.

Cuddy™ Cuddy™Cuddy™Cuddy™Cuddy™Cuddy™Cuddy™

Take your loo with you!

Find out more about Cuddy™ and Composting Toilets (This was the Crowdfunding video, that is over now. Cuddy has also been updated, but it is still a great video!)