Cuddy™ is the best travel toilet on the market

how does cuddy™ work?

Put simply, Cuddy™ separates 1s and 2s at the source (that's you). The intuitive bowl design ensures liquids go into the liquids bottle for easy disposal, and the solids go into the solids bin to start the composting process. The key is to keep the liquids and solids separate.

Cuddy™ is versatile, you can install permanently, or keep Cuddy™ portable to get the best view when you are on the loo! Perfect for vans, camper trailers, boats, and tiny homes.


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  • Better for you!

    Easy and quick to empty - no need to take the whole toilet out.

    Fits most places - the agitator handle is at the front, so no extra space required either side

    Rear sits flush against wall - saving even more space

    Versatile - Cuddy™ can adapt to any install or portable application

  • Better for the Environment!

    No smelly chemicals

    No plastic bottles from the chemicals

    No precious water flushed away

    No more leaving your waste for the next camper

    No more trips to the dump point or pump out!

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We have 100s of Cuddys™ out and about in Australia. Our customers install and use Cuddy™ in a variety of ways. From full installs in caravans and boats, through to keeping Cuddy™ portable for use in a camper trailer, toilet tent, or where ever the best view is. Click below to see Cuddy™ out and about and choose how you will use Cuddy™

See how versatile Cuddy™ is, just click here


Cuddy™ fits where you need it to, saving you valuable space and giving you more options.

With a variety of installation options, Cuddy™ can adapt to your needs.


go further, explore more

No matter how and where you like to explore, Cuddy™ has got you. In the bush, on the highway or on the water, when you need to go, with Cuddy™ you can "Just Go"!

  • SIZE


    Space is a premium in any mobile home.

    Cuddy™ saves you heaps of space while still giving you the full functionality of larger models.

    It fits perfectly under a bench, in an en-suite, or wherever you need it to.



    The first portable composting toilet designed specifically for travel life.

    Cuddy's unique design means you don't have to compromise on space, style, or functionality. Fully loaded it has more features than larger models. 



    We made Cuddy™ super strong and packed full of features that other composting toilets only dream about. We made it to fit your lifestyle and your budget. 

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