The Cuddy™ Composting Toilet

Cuddy™ lets you "go" whenever you need, wherever you are. With no smells, no chemicals and no dump points, Cuddy™ sets you free.

Ideal for your van, camper, boat, ute or tiny home. You can install Cuddy™ permanently or leave it portable. The choice is yours.

No Chemicals
No Smells
No Water
No Dump Points
Compo Closet the Cuddy

The Cuddy™

The original
Compo Closet the Cuddy Lite

Cuddy™ Lite

Without agitator
Compo Closet anotomy of Cuddy

How Does It Work?

Put simply, Cuddy™ separates 1s and 2s at the source (that's you). The intuitive bowl design ensures liquids go into the liquids bottle for easy disposal, and the solids go into the solids bin to start the composting process. The key is to keep the liquids and solids separate.

Cuddy™ is versatile, you can install permanently, or keep Cuddy™ portable to get the best view when you are on the loo! Perfect for vans, camper trailers, boats, and tiny homes.


Frequently Asked Questions

New this month

What we love.

Pimp your ride Compo Crew, your can now give you Cuddy™ or Cuddy™ Lite a facelift!

Our new Bamboo lids turn your Cuddy™ into even more of a feature in your travel home.

Our Customers

Hearing about our customer’s travel plans and helping them get out and explore is why we do what we do. We love getting pics from and hearing how Cuddy helps them travel.

Where Cuddy can take you!

Anywhere, really. Cuddy will go anywhere and always be there for you!

Compo Closet Bamboo Lid
Compo Closet Customer 2
Compo Closet Travel bag


Our Partners

VANABLE - Waterloo NSW

Contact Freddy at VANABLE to make an appointment to see a Cuddy™ 02 8283 2460 or INFO@VANABLE.COM.AU

Vanable’s team is made up of some of the best tradespeople in the business.

Qualified, highly experienced professional plumbers, electricians, carpenters, cabinet makers, fabricators and upholsterers.

All dedicated to building your dream.

The Dirt Off Road Campers 26 Light Crescent,Mount Barker, SA, 5251

Contact Anita or Mike Pavey at the Dirt to see a Cuddy at their store and pick it up right there and then.

(08) 8391 6274 or

The Dirt is a multi award winning family business, they are the best poeple in SA to get your adventures started!

Vanlife Conversions - 1/9 Haystacks Drive Torquay, 3228 Victoria

Contact the team at Vanlife conversions to see a Cuddy and experience the global community this epic team has created.