Affiliate Program

The goal

To partner with like minded business that genuinely support the travelling  community to "go further" and "explore more", in a responsible way. We want to provide potential customers an opportunity to see a Cuddy™ in the "flesh" before they commit to a purchase.

We aim to support your business by directing potential customers to you, pay you commissions for the sales that originate from your customers, and get as many Cuddys™ on the road and water as we can. 

We are aiming to minimise the burden of capital outlay, inventory and administration. You can also stock Cuddy at your location, see below for wholesale pricing. 


Our Cuddy™ and Cuddy™ Lite products are perfectly positioned to support the move towards a more sustainable travel life. Cuddy™ minimises the impact travellers have on the environment while allowing them to travel further, more easily, for longer. 

The story so far

We have been selling and delivering direct to the consumer in Australia since December 2022, with about 600 units sold in that time. These sales have come just from word of mouth and social media channels. We have only just started to invest in SEO and Google advertising (December 2023). The feedback on Cuddy™ and our service has has been excellent. See some of the feedback here.

The proposition

We propose that your location has at least 1 Cuddy™ on display. You can pay for that stock at the partner program discount. You are able to sell that display unit at the full retail price if a customer is in "urgent" need of a Cuddy™. We can quickly replace it for you. 

If you close a sale face to face, and you don't have stock on hand, you can place an order via your partner link with the customer, ensuring you receive your rebate. 

We appreciate that you have a variety of digital channels through which you advertise, your partner link can be used across all these channels. Your customers don't even need to come into your store for you to make a commissionable sale. 

The numbers

For each sale your partner link makes you will be paid a 10% commission at the end of each month. This includes the initial purchase of your 1 Cuddy™ when you join the program. 

If you would prefer to hold inventory so you can supply a unit to your customers immediately, or install in your builds, the scale of discounts off retail is below. All pricing includes shipping to you. Please contact us directly to organise multiple units. 

0-5 Units @ 10% 

6-11 Units @ 15% 

12-23 Units @ 20% 

24 units and over @ 25%

What's next?

To sign up to the program, follow this link, enter your details and get your link to use across your channels. 

Follow your link to purchase your first Cuddy™, you will be reimbursed the 10% at the end of the month. Contact us if you prefer to receive an invoice and pay the discounted amount per unit up front. 

We will run virtual training sessions with you and your team so you are all ready to go and help your customers go further and explore more with Cuddy™ and Cuddy™ Lite.