Cuddy™ or Cuddy™ Lite

There are obviously a whole range of variables and factors that we can’t account for in this general advice – please give us a call on 0447 047 237, we are happy to discuss what option might work best for you.

We also appreciate that no matter what general advice we give, users will have their own preferences due to their unique circumstances. Those opinions are as valid as ours.

Remember: Both Cuddy™ and Cuddy™ Lite separate solids and liquids, that is the most important thing. If you’re considering a travel toilet that does not do this, you will either have to use chemicals and a dump point, or you will be putting raw sewage into a bin or into the environment, please don’t do that.

Our general advice is as follows:

Full time use: Cuddy™ - You will have to empty less often, it will generally be more “pleasant”, and no need for plastic bags.

Regular use: Cuddy™ - After each trip you don’t have to worry about emptying the solids bin and the composting process will just continue. We have gone for 6 months between emptying our solids bin.

Irregular use: Could go either way, a Cuddy™ for the reasons outlined above, or a Cuddy™ Lite if you don’t want to or are unable to continue composting between trips.

Once in a blue moon: Cuddy™ Lite – Likely you will want to get all your kit cleaned and put away for next time.

Away with a group of people all using your Cuddy™: Cuddy™ Lite – With heavy use over a short period very little composting will begin, and from our first-hand experience you will end up with a bin full of very fresh deposits that won’t be pleasant to empty.

If you can’t make a decision, we suggest you go for the Cuddy™.

If you have a Cuddy™ and an additional solids bin without an agitator, you will have a  Cuddy™ and a Cuddy™ Lite in one unit. It is the most versatile, fully optioned, and most affordable travel toilet in the world. It can adapt to any install, or portable application you can throw at it.

You can turn a Cuddy™ into a Cuddy™ Lite, but you can’t turn a Cuddy™ Lite into a Cuddy™.