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Read a review here written by Ian Hughes of the Idlers 4WD Club of Victoria that was published in their April 2023 Newsletter.  

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Some other comments from our Customers

"We love our Cuddy. Clean, smell free, easy to use and move which is great in our camper trailer. No more looking for dump points." Diane

"We can stay off the grid for weeks without having to waste valuable water supplies because there’s no flush tank or waste water in the solids bin. It’s easy to dispose of the contents too. No more dump points and no more long drop loos." Ian

"We travel into very remote places, where there are no public dump points. The Cuddy allows us to deal with toilet waste in an environmentally sound way and best of all - to stay out for longer. The team are helpful, friendly and prompt regarding customer service. Any queries or concerns are clarified immediately, on the Facebook site or email. I had one issue that needed a replacement part - it was sent quickly and with respect." Vicki

"We have been using our Cuddy full time for the last 3 months on the road. We've been super happy with the unit. I love not dealing with dump points every 3 or 4 days. The flexibility it gives us for remote / off grid camping is huge. Belinda and Luke

Our Cuddy makes our poo smell like roses! Well. Nearly. The compost smell is actually lovely and we are proud that our toilet smells better than the long drops and hybrids in National Parks. The main reason we love our Cuddy is that we can  camp anywhere now where camping is allowed and so we can go to beautiful, deserted places knowing we will do no harm. SO much better than digging a hole and squatting! Lynne

"We are very pleased with our cuddy toilet, it is well made and feels quite solid to sit on.The light comes on for the urine bottle at about 5 litres full, with about 2 litres remaining, and is bright enough to be seen at night through the closed lid.Emptying the urine bottle is easy with no glugging due to a breather hole. The agitator works well, we found a slow turn works best.Best of all no smells other than an earthy smell of the coir. A huge improvement over a cassette toilet or a marine toilet."  Jaci and David