Contemplating agitation

Contemplating agitation

To agitate or not to agitate that is the question.

Why do we agitate the solids bin in a composting toilet?

Are we just sh*t stirrers? 💩

Well yes we are!

Turning the contents of the bin helps in many ways. Firstly, covering fresh poo reduces unwanted odours. Secondly it hides the last user's deposit from view! While you could add fresh material cover each time, this is quite bulky and can be messy, especially in small spaces.

Mixing up the solids bin also helps the poo break down quicker by exposing it to oxygen and mixing around the aerobic bacteria and carbon-rich material - boosting the composting process each time.

It also helps facilitate drying - poop is 75%water - which reduces the volume and that means less emptying!

Winner winner chicken dinner. It's amazing to see how all of these things naturally work together. The agitator not only helps your bathroom smell better but also means better composting and less emptying!