Does Cuddy Composting Toilet Smell?

Does Cuddy Composting Toilet Smell?

No, Cuddy does not stink.

Continue for more information about poop and pee than you probably want to read.

​I repeat - he DOES NOT stink!

You may say I’m lying when I say this - and you begin to recall a traumatic experience in an outhouse-style PIT toilet. You remember fearing for your phone’s life should it fall out of your pocket into a deep, dark, sewery grave. It’s ok. Take a deep breath (unless you’re in one as you read this).

Cuddy is not a bottomless pit of 1’ and 2’s. Instead, he is a urine-diverting composting toilet, meaning he separates poop from pee at the source. The poop gets “dropped” into the separate solids bin on top of a composting agent such as coco coir. The coco coir mix gives the whole thing an earthy scent. After using a turn of the agitator helps this mixture stay constant and buries the fresh poop underneath.

The breakdown of poop is done aerobically (with oxygen present) by microbes and bacteria, preventing smell-causing substances. Removing the urine prevents ammonia from slowing down the work of these helpful little microbes.

While fresh poo can be stinky (who are we kidding?), our composting toilet features a fan that draws air through an activated carbon filter to prevent odors escaping where they’re not wanted.

Additionally, the liquids bottle has a valve to stop the smell of ammonia from disturbing your sensitive nostrils. It’s also pretty handy if you are on a sailing boat or bumpy road.
There you have it. You needn’t fear having a Cuddy composting toilet in your van or other small space.