Cuddy and Cuddy Lite OLD product details 05.04

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Shipping in Australia is now FREE

This is Cuddy™. A simple, small, smell-free composting toilet, that fits wherever you need to go, for whenever you need to go. From cabins to campers, vans to vessels, Cuddy™ uses a waterless, all-natural, chemical-free process to eliminate smells, and break down your waste.

Cuddy™ is the complete toilet solution for freedom seekers:

  • No more searching for dump points!
  • No more public toilets!
  • No more expensive, harsh chemicals!


We have stock available now for immediate delivery. We ship to Australia and New Zealand. 

Shipping is FREE in Australia.

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We listened to our loyal community and delivered what you’ve been asking for! 

All the benefits of a Cuddy™, just without an agitator.

Experience simplicity and efficiency with Cuddy Lite – the easy portable toilet designed for your convenience. Equipped with a user-friendly design, which allows you to place a bag inside the solids bin for easy emptying, Cuddy Lite ensures you enjoy a waterless portable bathroom solution.

Just like its predecessor, Cuddy Lite is a Urine Diverting Dry Toilet (UDDT) that efficiently separates waste and removes smells. Its spacious drop zone, modesty plates, smart LED light, carbon filter, and internal fan keep the air fresh and odor-free while stainless-steel hinges provide durability and a seamless user experience.

Cuddy Lite is compact, comfortable, and kind of cute, perfectly complementing its amazing functionality and ease of use, without the need for an agitator in the solids bin. Just put a compostable bag inside the solids bin, and you’re good to go!

Is a Cuddy™ or Cuddy™ Lite right for me?

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